[Believe it or not, we do try to stay topical here at Elemental Zoo Two, but the problem is that most days our brains are pretty slow. With all the information, misinformation and just plain static out there, it takes time, even for people smarter than us, to understand what’s really going on. That’s true, of course, only for those of us who have open minds. The close-minded are impervious to new facts or inconvenient truths. They deal with such things by ignoring them, shouting insults, name-calling, or perhaps just telling lies. There’s lots of that as well.

But I didn’t really mean to get into the political campaigns. One reason they’ve been so long, I guess, is that voters need lots of time to sort through the dreck that both sides dish out. Also, there’s the happy possibility that, at the end of an exhausting campaign one or more candidates might accidentally say what they really think. If that happens we might learn something. Unfortunately while things like that do happen, they’re infrequent and usually covered up by staff. Voters have to be alert to catch them.

There I go, drifting back into politics. This small post is not about politics. It’s about Hurricane Matthew, what used to be called an Act of God, and our readers, who generally are not [Acts of God.] I offer the following as proof positive that our readers have open minds albeit with some very odd notions; which, of course, makes them our kind of people.]

Yes it does. This is Fred, and the following is a set of text messages sent last night from one of our tireless readers and answered by me. We started with the hot news – Hurricane Matthew – and moved on from there.

Fred: Asked friends in Florida about their current status vis-a-vis the hurricane. Are they supposed to evacuate? Last I heard Rush Limbaugh evacuated all the way to the West Coast.

Reader: What else is he running from?

Fred: Don’t know. Maybe he’s just cautious.

Reader: I’m going to go to Canada.

Reader: I want to transfer from my present job to a position with the X-Files in the FBI. Since you are well acquainted with the Washington geography, how [would] you propose that I …  do this? Who should I contact there?

Reader: [If] it’s not the FBI then what agency should I inquire about?

Fred: I know the answer but can’t tell it to you. A hint: Don’t bother with the Air Force; leadership there shut down Project Blue Book in 1970. So who gave that order? Officially the Secretary of the Air Force did that, but we all know the  actual direction came from elsewhere. When you find the responsible office, send your resume there. If anybody asks, I didn’t tell you this, either.

Reader: I’m well-qualified given my education and critical skills as well as my Native American ideology.

Fred: Yes you are.

So there you go. You can see that we are a serious blog. We do life coaching and even job counseling.

Sometimes we deal with the big issues in real-time when we’re not held back by needless research. In fact, I think we’d be ready for the big time, in the major media, if we just dropped the footnotes. Everybody else does it; Why not us?